Special Software Projects and Solutions

Software that can be used on all platforms with Multi Platform and smart code technology

In today's conditions, it has become imperative to keep costs at minimum levels and control processes for competition. For this reason, it has become almost a necessity for companies to develop software specific to their own business processes according to the sector they are in or the work or jobs they have done. In custom software development, criteria such as ease of use, performance, compatibility, and security are important.

Custom Software Development services, upon customer demands and requests, in order to meet the special software needs they need in relation to their activities; It includes the development and implementation processes in parallel with the preliminary analysis, conceptual analysis and analysis report studies. If the customer requests, he can take part in the custom software development process, either by consulting the software development group or by directly participating in the software development group.

Why Custom Software Development ?

The inability of the packaged software suitable for the sector and the business to offer all solutions,

Flexibility in management and workflow processes,

In need of integrated control and reporting solutions with existing software,

To increase the quality bar in the sector or in the works it has done and to aim to increase it continuously,

A high-performance, easy-to-use, safe, fast and smooth-running special software infrastructure is needed in order to fight competitors and achieve targets more easily.

Custom Software Development Process

Software development processes can be grouped under 4 main headings,

Project preliminary analysis is the process of creating the titles of company demands and shaping the project in general terms.

Conceptual analysis work, preparation of all the titles and details of the forms, reports and work flow processes to be developed based on the company's demands, and agreement on the project flow as a result of the meeting to be held with the company.

Software development, conceptual analysis work for company demands, starting software studies.

Another very important issue for companies in software development is the opportunity for the customer to take part in the project and monitor the project work. In this way, the project can be mutually controlled and measured. Inspection and measurement are essential for successful software development.

As a result of the completion of the testing, adaptation and development processes, the project is evaluated and finalized with the company, and the necessary training and documents are delivered to the company personnel.

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